Token Fest - SF Showcase


Ash Elements is a Fractional Mineral Rights Security Token

Bankcrypt Protocol is a protocol being developed with a cryptocurrency exchange for decentralising user deposits on centralised exchanges.

The Celsius Wallet allows members to use coins as collateral to get a loan in dollars.

Personalized Social Coins for Valuable Moments

Own Your Data: The decentralized audience exchange

The FCFL relies on FAN tokens, voting on which coach to hire to real-time play calling during the games: more tokens, the more control.

Fluence is a blockchain-based data storage platform that allows for decentralized storage and management of encrypted structured data.

Giftcoin is the world's first crytocurrency for charitable giving and good causes.

"The LendingCoin (TLC) is blockchain enabled real estate lending platform. Initially, the focus is on refinancing commercial real estate."

Oceanus Foundation is to provide support and solutions to the shipping industry through blockchain technology.

Using blockchain to reward matchmakers. Ponder uses game mechanics and financial rewards to make matchmakers out of everyone.

The People's Coin is the coin of the people backed by the people for the people!

Social Chains is a social media platform of Verified users. We offer a safe and reliable platform where you can be sure you are dealing with real people and entities on the other end.

STC is a smarter than beta strategy developed by our investment advisor.

STOM.Network is a way for fans to engage with and feel like owners of their teams.

The Coupon Token

Vanig is the world's first integrated E-commerce and Supply Chain Ecosystem powered by blockchain.

Verifier is an innovated technology designed to verify identity, events, deals, and any other kind of data.